Influencer marketing
is not for all the money in the world
But if you have it, we will buy both Khaby Lame, Kardashian etc.
We advertise with big and small bloggers on Instagram, Tik Tok, VKontakte, Telegram, YouTube,podcasts and other sites. We develop strategy, activation mechanics and creatives, track metrics and results before sales.
We practice
THE performance approach
We count money, not coverage. We predict how much money the client will earn with each integration and predict KPIs: "Minimum Plan" and "Optimum Plan", indicating budgets and expected results. We approve the figures and start working.
We track the results before sales — we record CPA, ROI, conversions, number of transactions, revenue,
We consider how much money each integration brought due to different mechanics: promo codes,
UTM tags, referral program.
We collect clear dashboards with real-time placement statistics. We are preparing detailed reports with conclusions and plans.
We come up with and implement turnkey projects
You set the task. We transform it into understandable and achievable KPIs and find an effective integration format: from mentions and product testing to a warm—up strategy and ambasadorstvo.
We are able to sell the client's product to bloggers and interest them. As a result, advertising becomes 60% more effective: if the blogger is not interested in the product, integration will not bring the expected results.
We take care of the whole routine and save up to 100 hours of your time:
~ 7 hours
~ 10 hours
~ 3 hours per person
~ 30 minutes per person
~ 5 hours per person
~ 2 hours per person
Preliminary selection of bloggers
Development of technical specification
Search and analysis of new bloggers
Advertising control on release day
Communication with bloggers
Analytics and results after the release of the advertisement
95% exclude useless integrations and ineffective bloggers
We use the accumulated statistics of past integrations, insiders, an effective algorithm for scoring bloggers and understand the market from two sides:
As an agency
As a blogger
We are guided by trends, we know the order of prices, the mechanics of integrations, we can predict and track the results and constantly develop creative concepts.
We know how to work with the audience so that people buy. Eva Katz, the agency's co-founder, successfully launches her educational products and partner integrations on her personal blog.
We conduct an audit
We formulate a strategy
We negotiate with bloggers
the placement
We interview the client, find out the tasks, study the target audience, the strengths of the product, objections.
We analyze the results
We develop content
We develop promotion ideas, mechanics, integration format and technical specifications for creatives, collect a primary pool of bloggers, and compile a media plan with KPIs.
We study the indicators of selected bloggers, adjust forecasts, negotiate, issue invoices, deal with legal issues and approve the publication plan.
We are preparing a technical base for tracking traffic, controlling the output of materials in blogs.
We collect statistics on the results of the campaign for each blogger, generate reports and dashboards with the results. We give recommendations for further placement.
There are several possible options: to make content on your own, to outsource it or to make it with the hands of a blogger. In any case, we are overseeing this process so that the final result corresponds to the strategy.
Launching the campaign in 2 weeks
We are proud of the results
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We are waiting for you
as a client
But first we offer to get acquainted, discuss your project and tasks. Leave your contacts and we will write to coordinate a convenient time for the call.
And if you are extremely determined — write to us yourself right now
Digital Bands, this is the performance marketing, online internet advertising, consulting and non-typical business promotion. It was founded in Israel in 2018. Our offices are located in Tel Aviv and Kiev, and our employees work from all over the world.
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